The Artist - Cindy Cannarozzi
My brain has ten creative ideas coming in at one time. I say to myself “how do I drive and think at the same time”? I write down ideas and draw designs so I can see if they develop into something. Creative thoughts and ideas for projects flow constantly. My intense passion for art and to create has filled my senses since I was a little girl. I reach for my first sheet of glass. My project will be a special one. Lining up the colors are so important to me. I carefully cut each glass shape. My design concept must be perfect. Now to manipulate the glass with heat from my kilns. What texture and shape do I want? The possibilities are endless. I am an American glass fuser and native to California. In middle and high school I had wonderful art teachers. They were a great inspiration to how I create today. With today’s social networks I am reconnecting with my teachers after thirty five plus years! I would like for the fine art classes to stay in the sectors of our schools today. There are so many students today who may never know what talent they have for their future.                                                                                         

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my new website. Please take some time to view my work in the Glassworks section. Feel free to contact me by phone, email, and Facebook to make appointments, place orders, or if you have any questions. A special thanks to Shooters Sports Bar and Grill for supporting the arts and donating some beautiful glass.